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Why We Spell it Whealth

We’ve been researching the connection between health and wealth for the past few years. It’s real. Anymore, it’s not even a question of whether the connection exists, but more how can utilize the understanding of the connection. Most research is based around helping underserved communities and even nations become more wealthy. We share in that mission of wanting to empower underserved communities in America to learn about the power of healthy habits and the impact that can have on their future wealth and health. We are in the process of forming the Community Whealth Foundation which will focus more on that initiative.

For our clients, we have another mission. We’ve been advising clients on their retirement plans since 2007. We’ve been through the worst economic cycle since the great depression. We’ve also advised through the longest bull run in the markets history. We’ve seen clients paralyzed with fear. We’ve seen clients feel invincible in the markets and everything in between. We’ve had clients who retired with MAYBE enough money to get them to the finish line. We’ve had to advise clients to delay retirement. We’ve had clients who could've retired 5 years before they did.

There’s a humbling trait that we have noticed among a healthy portion of retirees that we’ve worked with. We’ve also heard from many other advisers that they noticed something similar in their clients.

We are talking about the role of identity and purpose.

When business owners, executives and key employees retire, they lose a part of themselves that many don’t prepare for. This is probably true for rank and file employees as well. When you’ve spent a lifetime working and building your career, along with that comes a certain identity. You have a purpose everyday you wake up. Even when you feel you don’t like working anymore, you still have a purpose.

For many, when they retire they lose that sense of purpose. They lose the feeling of relevance. They feel like they are no longer important. No one notices or cares what they’re doing Monday - Friday. It can be isolating.

For others, this may be coupled with the new reality that they can’t perform certain hobbies as well as they used to or even as often.

Whey do we spell it WHEALTH?

We firmly believe that health needs to be integrated into each and every financial plan we deliver at Community Whealth. We believe physical and mental health are elephants in the room that advisors don’t want to talk about. We believe without talking about those issues, we cannot deliver a plan that allows our clients to make the most informed decisions as to when to retire. We believe that proactively planning for retirement with the conversation acknowledging health can enable clients to ensure they are able to enjoy their retirement to the fullest. We believe some sort of physical training is a valuable practice in advance of retirement. We believe that learning more about how food can affect your energy and mood is an important aspect of retirement planning. We believe that introducing philanthropy as a means to supplement or replace your old identity can provide that same sense of purpose and relevance that retirees search for. We believe that without relatively strong mental and physical health, that true wealth cannot be realized. We believe that with a renewed sense of purpose and identity that is compatible with the next journey into retirement, true wealth is attainable and sustainable.

This is why we spell it WHEALTH.