Community Whealth
How do you spell Whealth?




“Be part of something bigger than yourself.”

That’s the essence of Community Whealth. Our company was founded on the principles that helped our President achieve his success in business; put others interests ahead of your own, become a student of your craft, and support your community without the expectation of anything in return.

At Community Whealth, it is our belief that we should take our community’s challenges, pain, and successes personally and become an active and engaged steward of our community. We do not just encourage this for our employees. We aim to inspire our clients to reaiize their passions and connection with their communities.

We also believe that our clients health and wealth need to be coordinated together. Only then can we all achieve true whealth! With each individual that we are able to connect with is another step in improving our communities around the country.

Welcome to the Community. We hope you’ll love it here!