CW Transitions


Where you go for advice on how to transition your biz ownership?


Everyone knows where to go when you are buying or selling real estate! Everyone knows where to go when your daughter says yes to her boyfriend. Everyone knows where to go when you want to know whether or not you can retire. Everyone knows where to go when you need help with your taxes. But, where do you go when you want to transition ownership of your business?

Do you go to a lawyer? Accountant? Financial Planner? Do you go to your vendors?

A better question than where to go is when should you go? Should you go a month before you’re ready? 6 months? 1 year? 3 Years? 5 Years? 10 years?

How do you know that you are getting the right advice? How do you know you are getting a fair deal? Who do you trust will put your interests ahead of their own, or at the very least alongside of their own?

If you want to become a real estate broker, what must you do? Take courses and pass an exam. If you want to offer investment advice, what must you do? Take courses and pass some exams. If you want to become a lawyer or CPA, what must you do? If you want to offer advice to someone about the most effective and efficient way to transitions ownership of their business, what must you do? NOTHING! Anyone can offer that advice. Quite literally, your neighbor can tell you what they did.

But does that mean you should take the advice from anyone?

We believe you should look for the same expertise and credentials that you look for in every other area of your life. CFP, CPA, PMP, J.D., LLM, We all know what these stand for. But, what certifications exist for ownership transition advice?


At Community Whealth Transitions, our leaders have taken the time to learn about what mistakes other owners have made. Our leaders have taken the time to study and become comfortable with the various options available to an owner looking to leave their business. Our leaders have taken the time to understand when one strategy may be better than another. What role does tax play in your decision? What role does retirement planning play? When does getting the maximum sales price possible trump all other considerations? What about the culture of your business? Is it important to you that the culture remains in tact?

The first question you need to know is what is your business worth? But, that’s expensive and time consuming. What if we can offer you a cost effective way to get this answer for planning purposes?


CW Transitions Process

Valuation Image.jpg

Transition audit

This is step one in our process as we determine how prepared you are to exit your business today. What are your top priorities when leaving your business? Where is your business worth today? When do you want to step away completely from your business? What do you need your business to be worth in order for you to exit in a way that enables you to live your retirement in the comfort and lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to envision? What role do your key employees play in your eventual transition? What responsibility do you feel towards your rank and file employees? How important is culture in your company? How important is maintaining that culture for your employees after your exit?

After we complete the Transition Audit Phase, you will understand exactly what your company is currently worth (for planning purposes), how much you need your business to be worth at your desired transition date, and what priorities are driving your transition design moving forward.

transition design and implementation

This is the phase that takes the most time and also the most collaboration. We introduce you to a creative environment where we develop solutions to meet your transition needs. Here we organize and prioritize your most important projects among your transitions planning team (CW Transitions, CPA, Attorney, other Attorney, other Attorney, Insurance Professional, etc). As we conclude this phase, you will have established strategies and tasks will have been assigned and set in motion to begin working towards the desired transition date.

Recognizing that there are longer term objectives at play in any transition and succession, this phase will be revisited where necessary (i.e. management team development and coaching).



transition maintenance

After your most pressing needs have been identified, strategized and implemented, we enter our third and final phase of your transition - the maintenance phase. Just as it sounds, this phase is designed to provide the flexibility and the ability to adapt to a changing environment. Remember, the rest of the world doesn’t pause because you are transitioning out of your business. So, tax law changes, market swings, M&A trends and the like all occur right alongside your transition. We are there with you every step of the way to review what changes are occuring and to address them proactively with you. This can also include changes in you (the owners) emotions, feelings, business opportunities, family dynamics, etc.