Why Do We Do What we Do?

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In the beginning

Our company was founded in 2012 with the mission of helping people manage their money. Putting pen to paper and analyzing the numbers to help clients determine if they have enough money to do whatever it is they wanted to do (retire, buy home, education, mid-life crisis). Money was the key in the beginning.

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life has a funny way

Cancer. Car Accident. Rare Genetic Syndrome.

In that order, our founder experienced some hardships that put him on the other side of the table. HIs best friend and brother was diagnosed with a blood cancer. Three years later, our founder is a passenger in a car accident that should have left his other best friend (wife) to raise his pride and joy (two sons) alone. A few years later, our founder’s third son was born into this world with a very rare genetic syndrome. Throughout his brother’s treatment, our founder learned the power of community and putting others first. The car accident helped our founder to question what’s really important in life. Were the materials as important as the experiences with his loved ones? The birth of our founder’s special needs son taught him that plans don’t always work out the way you designed them. But, sometimes you get what you need and not what you want.


today and beyond

As a result of the three life changing events in our founders life, Community Whealth was redefined and redesigned. No longer are we content with delivering spreadsheets and plans to our clients without any consideration of greater forces at play. No longer are we accepting of our responsibility to manage our clients finances without first understanding what feeds their soul. No longer are we interested in raising our Assets under Management (AUM) just for the sake of hitting our revenue goals. We are fiercely focused on finding the clients who we can help to find a greater sense of purpose to accompany their financial goals. We are fiercely determined to introduce the concept of Identity into our retirement and estate planning conversations. We are fiercely dedicated to redefining the financial plan and proving that we spell whealth the correct way.

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James E. Roberts, CFP, CExP

As the founder or Community Whealth, James has a deep sense of what it means to rely upon and to serve his community.


James has made a name for himself in the business world designing effective and efficient business ownership transition strategies for businesses of varying size and industry. As a trained Exit Planner, James brings both the learned skills and experience to teach business owners, contemplating their transition, what opportunities and risks exist relating to their stated precision objectives.  Learning from others mistakes, James is able to steer clients away from trouble and towards smoother seas while they make the single most critical financial decision of their lives. 

James is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and a Certified Exit Planner.  James graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park with a degree in Communications.  He uses those skills everyday to ensure clients receive a plan that they can both understand and implement at each step.  

James is the proud husband to Carrie and proud father of Landon, Bentley & Hudson.  James' hobbies include charitable fundraising, basketball, snowboarding, cycling, swimming, and meeting and speaking with other entrepreneurs.  



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Kevin Manley, MBA, CExP, MS Eng.

Kevin serves as the President of Community Whealth Transitions . Kevin has a great story of his own having successfully exited his own business years ago through a third party sales transaction. With his engineering background, exit planning training, and his desire to get into the weeds with all of our exit clients, Kevin leads a pure and determined transition planning practice that is growing by the day. As an entrepreneur himself, he understands exactly what excites our business owner clients and what keeps them up at night worrying. It’s this experience that makes his advice so targeted and effective.